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Why a Teen practice?

To put it simple – teenagers are not kids anymore, and don’t want to be treated like kids. However, their dental needs are still quite different than those of their parents. It’s My Smile was created to address the specific oral hygiene and social needs of teenagers, bridging the gap between a pediatric and a general dentists office.  With so many of our patients (and our own children) growing up we felt like we really needed to address the needs of our teenagers. Experience and research has shown that to achieve the best oral hygiene possible it is essential for teenagers to be in an environment they feel comfortable, a place to call their own, thus It’s My Smile was born.

The Changing Needs

As children become teenagers, their attitude towards dental care changes.  Appearance and self-image are important.  Cavities are no longer the primary concern.  Tooth decay, gum disease, wisdom teeth and possibly orthodontics and teeth whitening are often additional concerns.  How these needs are addressed as physiological and social changes occur in their lives is very important as well. Dr. Davis and his staff look forward to treating your teenager and helping him/her feel comfortable and at ease during these transition years.

Our Mission

Dentistry for Kids has built a reputation over the last 15 years of providing the highest quality of care and the best possible dental experience for children.  That mission remains the same for teenagers at It’s My Smile. It is not just our mission but our promise to you, the best care and the best experience, whatever the age.

About Our Services

We are committed to excellence and providing the highest quality care.  It’s My Smile will utilize state of the art equipment, like the newest digital Radiography, and highly skilled caregivers to properly diagnose and treat whatever oral health needs that may arise.  Our facility will have individualized examination rooms, open areas for cleanings, as well as private treatment areas to give your teenager the best dental experience.  In addition, Dr. Wilkerson takes numerous courses annually to stay at the forefront of current trends in adolescent and teen dentistry.


Appointments are available Monday through Friday.  To make an appointment, please call (775) 852-8336.


Our business office will work with you so your teen can receive both the best and most timely dental care.  Most dental insurance is accepted as well as cash, check or credit card payment.  In many circumstances, we can set up a payment schedule that will fit your family budget.