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Our pediatric focused doctors have special training in helping anxious children feel secure during dental treatment. 

In addition, our lively office is specially designed for children and incorporates games, books, movies and toys during their dental care.

Our staff members have a special love for both children and dentistry, helping to put your child at ease in a caring, fun and safe environment during their dental care. We will help teach your children the proper way to take care of their teeth, but just as important, that going to the dentist can be fun!

Pediatric dentists are specially qualified to care for and protect your child’s oral health in the same manner that pediatricians are trained to meet a child’s medical needs. Pediatric dentists have an additional 2-3 years of training in university pediatric facilities in addition to four years of dental school and four years of college study.

This training focuses on how to care for the unique behavioral aspects of children, make them comfortable and how to care for special needs children.