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Is sparkling water bad for your teeth?

Dentistry for Kids Reno is committed to the highest quality of care and comfort for your teeth. We hate to burst your bubble, but if you thought you were avoiding damaging your teeth by swapping soda for sparkling water, we’re afraid it’s not quite true. Drinking trendy sparkling waters like LaCroix, Perrier or Bubly can […]

What To Expect At Your Child’s First Pediatric Dental Appointment

Dentistry for Kids believes that even the smallest patients deserve the best care. We want to give every child an experience that keeps them returning and sets them up for a lifetime of excellent oral care.  . Tooth decay is the #1 chronic childhood illness, yet many parents don’t know when to bring their children in […]

Help Your Child Stop Finger or Thumb-Sucking

Sucking is a natural reflex and thumb-sucking habits are common for young children. It may make them feel safe and happy, or provide a sense of security during periods of stress. Due to factors like frequency, duration, intensity and position, such a habit can adversely affect the position of the jaws and cause a malformed […]

Stages of Dental Care- from Pregnancy to Adolescence

PREGNANCY During pregnancy, a woman’s hormone levels rise and gingivitis is common. Severe gum disease in the mother has been linked to babies with low birth weight and premature births. Additionally, baby teeth crowns develop in the fetus and chewing surfaces of the permanent molars begin to form during pregnancy. A balanced diet and use […]

What is Gum Disease

What is gum disease and how can I prevent it? While many people believe periodontal disease is an adult problem, studies indicate gingivitis (the first stage of periodontal disease) is nearly a universal problem among children and adolescents. Advanced forms of periodontal disease are less common in children than adults, but can occur. Chronic gingivitis […]

Causes of Tooth Decay

What Causes Tooth Decay? Several types of bacteria living on the teeth cause decay. The most common bacteria associated with dental decay are Mutans Streptococci. When sugar is consumed, the bacteria metabolize the sugar and produce acids which demineralize the teeth and cause infection/decay. What is Early Childhood Caries or baby bottle tooth decay? Early […]

Cavity Prevention

How to: Prevent cavities Cavities are caused by a combination of: Bacteria High sugar consumption Lack of oral hygiene 1) LIMITING BACTERIA PROLIFERATION ON THE TEETH Each of us develops decay-causing bacteria as an infant. While we may limit the amount of bacteria present by brushing and flossing, complete elimination of bacteria is impossible. The […]

Guide to Baby’s First Teeth: When does tooth eruption begin?

A baby’s front four teeth on top and bottom are usually the first to erupt, generally at about 6 months of age. The timing of tooth eruption varies as some children grow teeth early and others may not have teeth until shortly after their first birthday. Most children have a full set of 20 primary […]

What are mouthguards and why are they so important?

Mouthguards are athletic mouth protectors made of soft plastic. They come in standard and custom fits to adapt comfortably to the upper teeth. Mouthguards protect the teeth, lips, cheeks, tongue and jaw bone from possible sport injuries. They can also help protect a child from head and neck injuries, such as concussions. Most injuries occur […]

Does your child have a gummy smile?

When some children smile, they may show excessive gum tissue. This is called a gummy smile and may be due to a few different problems: Gum irritation and overgrowth from braces. This is more likely to happen if the teeth appear short before the braces are placed on the teeth. This problem results not from […]