How To: Prevent Dental Injuries at Home

As parents, we can’t always protect our kids from injuries, but there are a few easy actions we can take to make our homes a little safer and more kid-friendly.

  • Child-proof your home my making sure your infant or toddler cannot find sharp objects to put in their mouth. Make sure no electrical outlets or cords are within their reach and keep toys in safe areas.
  • For children who are just learning to walk, make sure there are no sharp edges or corners on furniture around the house on which they can fall and hurt themselves. Place padding and use safety gates until your child has learned complete balance.
  • For outdoor activities, use straps that come with strollers and swings. Make sure your child wears a helmet when they’re on a bike, scooter, skates or playground equipment. Mouthguards also prevent injuries during athletic activities.