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Practice Manager

Life at the Office
Our goal is to give the best possible experience to our patients their parents and visitors, I love seeing our patients excited for their next dental visit, and they have not even left the office yet. Laughter and healthy smiles make my day.

I grew up in Minden, NV in the Jacks Valley area, and graduated from Douglas High School, Go Tigers. I was in the banking -mortgage industry for many years and decided I wanted to have fun, learn something new where I could find happiness, and give back to the community in a different way. I attended a dental school in Reno and did my internship at DFK and I never left. I am currently enrolled at WGU university to get my Bachelor of Science in administration and business management.

Life at Home
I have a cat named KJ, my fiancé Ian and my son Danniel, who lives in S.Carolina. I enjoy running, CrossFit, and cat watching between studying, I love watching documentaries and reading detective novels. I have a secret passion for painting, I have a whole closet of art supplies that I bring out when I get a cool idea.

Stay Weird- author unknown
Do things that feed your soul, not your ego and you will be happy-author unknown